Music International Direct

Music International Direct(MID)was founded by freelance percussionist Hiroyuki Kawamoto in 2020 April. Hiro has finished his study with a master’s degree at Royal College of Music, London, then worked as a trainee at Theatre Munster. Until now Hiro is based in Japan and having played with Opera North, Wroclaw Philharmonic (NFM) and several Japanese orchestras.

Today, many Japanese students study music overseas, and there are more of them eager to learn with great musicians that they can only access to see on screens.  But obviously the cost for one single lesson is not just lesson fee. (if you know where Japan is) That possibly loses their potential chance. This is the main reason why MID launched its online lesson project so that we can connect those musicians with all professional musicians all over the world.

We are experiencing probably the worst time in life right now and needless to say, musicians are no exception losing jobs. We hope this project will help all musicians in the world.